Versioned Digital Printing

Versioned, customized print-on-demand digital printing
By employing digital variable printing, FormStore can print separate versions of the same printed piece for differing segments of your target audience. This allows you to customize your materials based upon geography, gender, income, purchase history, or any number of demographics. Because you can specify your print run—eliminating unused inventory—you ensure maximum cost effectiveness, as you create stronger relationships with your customers.

Cost-effective Versioning Simplifies and Strengthens Print Communication

Versioned Digital Printing SamplesVersioned digital printing includes applications that follow a common design and layout, but
have some unique content or language changes for specific audiences or markets.
Digital color printing makes multiple, short press runs much more economical, without
sacrificing quality.

Printing the versioned information in one pass along with the static information eliminates
the need to pre-print “shells” and overprint in a second process. 

Versioned Digital Printing Benefits

You do not have to print large quantities of versioned pieces to reap the benefits of digital printing.  Our digital color printing equipment ensures high-quality, affordable printing regardless of the run size.  Keep in mind that with versioned digital printing;

  • Images as well as text can be versioned, to be more relevant to different groups
  • Clean, saturated colors are consistent from one version to the next
  • Versioned information meets the needs of different groups (language, store location, etc.)
  • Eliminates the need to update materials with unattractive stickers and attachments

Want to sneak a peek at FormStore Digital Print facilities?  Please take a tour of our facility online or request a plant tour.