Variable Data Digital Printing

Are you looking to increase offer response rates? Personalization via variable printing is the answer. With the addition of state-of-the-art digital printing presses, FormStore is capable of digitally printing even the most complex variable print project. 

Because we are a full-service digital print shop and don’t use static plates to print we have the ability to personalize every document.  Research shows that typical response rates for regular static printed direct mail is well under 2%.  With targeted, variable data personalization however, response rates hover closer to 15%. As a direct marketing tool, variable data digital printing delivers better qualified prospects and higher profits to your business.  Using the demographic information you have on your prospective customers (age, education, city, buying habits, gender, etc.)  your printed pieces can be highly targeted pieces that recipients will respond to. This “one-to-one marketing” variable data printing creates one personalized document, one at a time, for each individual customer. 

Variable Data Printing: Taking Static Digital Printing to the Next Level

FormStore's variable data printing capabilities take static digital printing and turn it up a notch. The result is customized printed pieces, with specialized offers for each and every segment of your audience. Each group is delivered unique images, text, and a call to action for each piece of mail.

Variable Data Digital Printing Sample

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