Static Digital Printing

FormStore, located just outside St. Louis, MO offers affordable static, short-run digital printing to its customers nationwide.  For these digital print direct mail pieces, the full-color or black and white information within each document does not vary (i.e. cannot be personalized for individual recipients). Due to the small quantities needed, or because they contain multiple paper types, these jobs are cost prohibitive to print via offset, but are perfect candidates for digital color printing.

Digital Printing Benefits

You do not have to print large quantities to enjoy the benefits of digital printing.  Our digital color printing equipment allows press runs as low as one. Printing digitally means:

  • Fast turnaround times
  • Ability to print only the quantity you need, when you need it
  • Extended deadlines by digitally printing in advance of final offset-printed materials
  • Full-color and high-quality work is now independent of print run length
  • A print-on-demand strategy eliminates document storage costs, and waste through obsolescence
  • Electronically collate documents
  • Late stage editing
  • Remote proofing

Want to sneak a peek at FormStore Digital Print facilities?  Please take a tour of our facility online or request a plant tour.