Personalized URL Campaigns (pURLS)

Personal URL campaigns are one of today's best kept marketing secrets. A combination of personalization, direct mail and the Internet, PURLs deliver increased response rates, easily customize interactive marketing efforts on the fly, help you gather information about your customers, convert more prospects into customers and effortlessly track and measure each campaign's responses in real-time. pURL Campaign Management

The truth is....PURLS Convert.

What is a personalized URL or PURL campaign? A PURL is an unique blend of a highly personalized direct mail piece or letter and an online landing page or micro-web site.

Why use a PURL campaign?

  • 71% of American consumers prefer to receive product offers in the mail. Yet 52% of people prefer to respond to direct mail online.
  • Personalized URLs are the most effective online response option available today, and can boost Direct Mail response rates by 30%-400%.
  • When a PURL campaign is well executed, your marketing message is extended continuously from direct mail piece to micro web site.
  • PURLS encompass what is best about personalization / variable digital printing, while also showcasing the benefits of the Internet.
  • PURL software allows for online, real-time data tracking. You can know who has accessed their PURL within in seconds of them doing so. 
  • Personalized messaging is relevant messaging. PURLs allow each recipient's direct mail and micro site landing page to be tailored specifically to them. 

Typical direct mail campaigns can tend to get lost in the clutter if they do not have a distinguishing factor that catches the eye. This is why most of these campaigns achieve only a 1-2% percent response rate. Adding personalized URLs to a direct marketing piece gives it an edge over the competitor and boosts response rates.

There are many other benefits to implementing a PURL campaign besides an increase in response rates.  Real-time tracking can tell notify you of a prospects’ response to your direct mail campaign within seconds of them accessing their personalized url. It can also automatically send a thank you email to a prospect that has responded or send a nudge email to one who has not responded.  Use the PURL campaign to engage your prospect in a dialogue about the product or service being advertised on the direct mail piece and personalized landing page.

Another benefit of the PURL is that it integrates your company’s multi-channel marketing strategy. PURL campaigns can be used to tie your entire marketing strategy together into one seamless process. A PURL campaign will direct prospects to a targeted online landing page whether you are using direct mail PURL campaigns, email PURL campaigns or both. By reaching prospects through different marketing channels like direct mail, email, and the web, you increase the likelihood that they will respond positively because you have made it convenient for them to take action.

Eliminate Waste and Costs

PURL campaigns help your company go green!  By integrating an email PURL campaign into your marketing strategy, large direct mail printing orders are eliminated which saves paper and money. If you prefer to send a printed direct mail piece, choose a smaller a design the size of a postcard. Either method still ensures your prospect will be getting a personalized URL and specific message.