PeelCard Membership ID Cards: An Overview

PeelCard:  A die-cut integrated membership card with a laminated back which peels away from the carrier sheet.

Affordable Custom Membership Cards

PeelCard membership cards are an affordable membership card for clients with applications that don't require a long-lasting card but like the enhanced look of the peel-out card.  The PeelCard is an integrated paper card with a 2mil laminate applied to the back of the carrier for added protection and durability.  A gloss or matte laminate may also be applied to the front of the card. After the document is pre-printed and personalized/imaged on a laser printer, the card peels out for use by the end user.  A 1mil laminate film remains attached to the host document.  All PeelCard membership cards are pre-printed offset with heat and scuff resistant inks formulated to dry quickly so they are not tacky and do not offset in the imaging equipment. 

Customize PeelCard Membership Cards to Match Your Applications

PeelCard membership cards can be completely customized to match your card application and image. The carrier and integrated card can be pre-printed up to 4 color process on the front and back and run through a laser printer a second time for imaging and personalization. PeelCards are available with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 cards per sheet in a multitude of standard and custom card positions. Scores, folding perforations and remittance perforations are also available.

PeelCard membership cards provide an easy to print, peel out card with a durable laminate plastic backing. This ID card solution allows for full bleed digital printing on the face of the card through either color or monochrome printers and is available as blank stock or pre-printed. (Pre-print is possible on the reverse of the card however variable data printing on the back of the card is not an option.)

Reasonably priced, the PeelCard offers an easy to print simplex solution that can be produced without additional printer adjustments.