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If they are using Internet Explorer 7 read below


Question/Problem:  My users have started using IE 7 (Internet Explorer 7) and cannot login to my FTP server. They receive an error message "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page".




Microsoft has changed the way FTP sites are browsed in this edition of IE. They are seeing this message because IE is trying to log the user into the ftp root instead of their home folder. The user is probably locked to their home directory (a good thing) and therefore cannot access the FTP root.

There is not a setting in WS_FTP Server to prevent IE 7 from attempting to log them into the root.

Once the user receives the "cannot display web page" message have them click the "Page" drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and choose "Open FTP site in Windows Explorer". They will be prompted a second time for their credentials. Once this is done, the familiar explorer view will open and they will login to the correct directory.


You can give the users the exact directory path to use in the address bar.


FTP://ip address/users/username

This will log them directly into their home folder but this will still be a "list" view rather than the traditional explorer view. To get explorer view Page > Open FTP site in Windows Explorer" is needed.