LaserWell Plus Membership ID Cards: Compatible Printers

LaserWell Plus membership identification cards combine a highly-durable synthetic plastic card and a host document designed to run jam-free through high-speed laser printers. Because the card is affixing into a debossed well, the card and document are nearly coplanar.  The result is membership card solution that simplifies personalization of large quantities of membership cards in little time. 

Over the years, LaserWell Plus membership cards have proven to be highly compatible with most Hewlett Packard [HP], Canon, Lexmark, Konica Minolta and Samsung laser printers. 

[Looking to run LaserWell on network or desktop laser printer? See our LaserWell membership cards, specially constructed for use on desktop laser printers].


LaserWell Plus Membership ID Card Printer Compatibility Testing:

A printer test is required for all LaserWell Plus membership card orders even if we have found a specific printer make and model to be compatible with LaserWell Plus in the past. A simple test will identify several characteristics that are needed to determine the optimum quality of the imaging on the card and carrier. The test will verify the paper path, toner transfer quality, toner fusion and toner adhesion to the card. All of these checkpoints provide confidence in LaserWell 's compatibility with the end customer's laser printer.


Printers Compatible with LaserWell Plus Membership Cards