LaserWell Plus Membership ID Cards: An Overview

LaserWell Plus membership cards, like LaserWell membership cards, are a unique combination of materials providing the ultimate membership ID card solution for personalization on high-speed laser printers. The high-tech design features a debossed "well" or cavity into which the plastic (synthetic) membership card is affixed, making the overall document coplanar.  This construction means LaserWell Plus membership ID cards run smoothly through high-speed laser printers for jam-free personalization. 

LaserWell Plus for Continuous Laser Printing Systems

LaserWell Plus membership identification cards are also available for imaging  on high speed continuous laser printing and publishing systems. LaserWell Plus Continuous FormatsFor orders over 100M, two wide carrier may improve laser imaging efficiency and reduce manufacturing setup and affixing charges.  LaserWell Plus membership ID cards for continuous printers are available in a variety of form sizes to meet your needs.


Improve Your Membership Cards' Image and Your Image

The patented LaserWell Plus membership card construction affixes a unique toner receptive synthetic plastic card to a laser compatible document. The membership card's proprietary toner receptive coating aggressively bonds toner for a sharp durable image making LaserWell our flagship membership card product. LaserWell Plus membership ID cards are manufactured of a recyclable, synthetic plastic card material that makes them long-lasting, heat, tear and water resistant.  This robust construction translates to membership cards that require less frequent reprocessing and replacement and cost savings over time. Both the card and document (front and back) can be pre-printed full color to accommodate even the most vibrant of visual designs making LaserWell Plus the premier membership card in the marketplace.

Wallets are Over-flowing with Credit Cards, ID Cards and Membership Cards

In today's market, everyone has a wallet full of cards ranging from must-carry personal identification cards to credit cards to a plethora of membership cards. Want your membership card to make it into your customers' wallets?  LaserWell Plus membership cards feature a thin 7 mil card that has no bulk making LaserWell Plus cards more likely to be carried and used.