Dimensional Digital Printing

In Spring 2009, FormStore Incorporated took a large leap into the future of digital printing.  We are pleased to be one of the first manufacturers to partner with Kodak to purchase and utilize the new Dimensional Digital Clear Dry Ink coating solution that adds the ability to print in 3D on the Kodak NexPress. Dimensional Printing gives specified text and images a raised effect that helps communications stand ouDigital Printing you can SEE and FEELt in a crowded marketplace. Just hold a dimensionally printed piece in your hand and you can't help but touch it, feel it and experience it! Who wouldn't want their customers to experience their direct mail pieces and not just give them a cursory glance before tossing them in the trash?

Add Dimension to your Digital Print pieces

The overall tactile effect of Dimensional Digital is similar to relief printing, but with a greater degree of control. Dimensional Printing can be set to produce variable heights, so a user can more closely mimic the texture of a specific image. In contrast to thermography, which can only be applied to ink, Kodak NexPress Dimensional Clear Dry Ink does not require ink or an image to adhere to the substrate.

2 Kodak Nexpress 2500s

FormStore's two KODAK NEXPRESS 2500 Digital Production Color Presses deliver 5000 letter 5/0 sheets per hour (83.3 pages per minute). And, with the integration of Kodak’s newest Fifth Imaging Unit Solution:  KODAK NEXPRESS Intelligent Dimensional Coating Solution, FormStore can create dazzling 3D-like tactile, dimensional print. 

Dimensional Digital Layers Depiction

The Difference You can See and Feel

The real value for customers is the ability of Dimensional Printing to capture a reader's attention and improve the overall viewing or response rate.  After all, the ultimate goal of any printed piece is to make an impression on the audience that will cause a response, and Dimensional Printing provides a distinct advantage as it incorporates a tactile element.

How Dimensional Printing Works

Dimensional Digital printing combines FormStore's in-house Kodak NexPress with Dimensional Clear Dry Ink capabilities and our unparalleled expertise in the new technology.  Dimensional Clear Dry Ink creates a clear "raised" layer on top of a page element and can be used to enhance graphics, text, or a full color image. The entire process is completed inline, maintaining press productivity while creating high-impact results.

Feel the Difference Yourself

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