St. Louis Digital Printing Solution Center: Tour Our Facility

Welcome to FormStore's Digital Printing & Mail Center.  We are proud to be the only location in St. Louis with both Kodak NexPress and Xerox iGen digital color press capabilities, as well as the only one in Missouri to offer raised, textured Dimensional Digital Printing.  Look to FormStore for high-quality, affordable digital printing. FormStore currently houses two Kodak NexPress 2500s which provide double the digital print power of most printers!  Each NexPress prints over 5,000, 5/0 simplex or 2,500, 5/5 duplex sheets per hour which means we can handle even your largest print demands.  The press produces offset-like image quality, which is excellent for all digital printing applications.  New in 2009, FormStore added the ability to print raised, textured Dimensional Digital Print with the Kodak NexPress taking digital printing to new heights. <br> <br> FormStore's NexPresses are also outfitted with leveling devices making the presses compatible with the entire FormStore family of membership ID cards including LaserWell , PeelCard, PerfCard and DigiPeel. FormStore has added two offline Kodak NexGlossers that add high quality, high gloss shine to any NexPress job.  Having the units offline allows FormStore to effeciently run two NexPress jobs while adding gloss to two other job.  The result is an efficient workflow that translates to lower printing costs.
FormStore's digital printing capabilities are further deepened by the power of the Xerox iGen3 digital printing press.  The iGen allows FormStore to produce high-quality, short-run, full-color printing very <b>quickly</b> and at reasonable prices.  The iGen prints more than 5,000 full process color 4/0 impressions per hour on paper sizes ranging from 8.5 x 11 inch to 14 x 20 inch stock making it an ideal choice for digitally printed books, manuals, collateral pieces and direct mail applications. The Kodak Digimaster with in-line interposer and C.P Bourg Saddle Stitcher adds another dimension to FormStore Digital Print Facility.  Ideal for making booklets, the Digimaster prints 125 8.5 x 11 inch 1 simplex sheets per minute.  The inline booklet maker takes up to 20 full sheets and creates up to 80 page stitched booklets.  While primarily for Black & White booklets, we also have the capability to insert color sheets for combined B&W + color booklets. FormStore's offline C.P. Bourg Saddlestitch Booklet Maker for color booklets can take up to 10 full sheets and create color booklets up to 40 pages.