DigiPeel Membership Cards: An Overview

Looking for a thicker card?  FormStore’s new DigiPeel laminated integrated ID card is available in thicknesses up to 15mil!!!!

Easily produce digitally personalized membership cards in one pass!

DigiPeel is an integrated membership card that is printed and personalized completely, in one pass, through one of FormStore's digital printing presses. After being simplex or duplex digitally printed with graphics and variable data, it is converted into an integrated card with laminate films, up to 4 mil each side. The card is then precision die-cut creating an affordable membership card that is easily peeled out the document and is durable enough for long-term repeated use. 

Unique DigiPpeel Qualities:

  • Turn key solution
  • All variable data is sealed below the laminate
  • Card thickness up to 15mil
  • DigiPeel documents can be folded, inserted and mailed from FormStore's Digital Solutions Center or shipped, in sequence, to desired destination
  • Matte and high gloss laminates available in various thicknesses

Note: DigiPeel membership cards are not designed to be run through laser printers after they leave FormStore Incorporated.