Affixed Magnets

Looking to spice up your promotional printed pieces? FormStore Incorporated has expertise in affixing magnets to a wide variety of direct mailers. Magnets adds interest to otherwise flat promotional items and can be highly effective in grabbing recipients' attention.

Affixed Magnets Will Expand Your Product Portfolio and Open New Markets

Adding affixed magnets to your portfolio gives sales people fresh material to use as a touch-points for conversations with existing clients. It also enables them to gain additional business by increasing the amount of product that is offered and produced. Affixed magnets can complement existing direct mailing pieces as it is secured directly onto the promotional piece. A magnet is a useful and interesting addition to an otherwise generic mailer for industries of all kinds. By simply affixing a magnet to a direct mailer, your business can open new markets that would be otherwise left untapped.

Affixed Magnets Promote Recipient Involvement     

Get ahead of the competition with innovative products like affixed magnets! Value added affixed magnets attract the attention of your client’s demographic target. The recipient involves themselves by removing the magnet to examine it and take time to read the message. Affixing a magnet gets the recipient involved with your client by soliciting a reaction to the piece. It also serves as an ongoing promotional item, keeping the company name in front of the customer when the magnet is used.

Allows to Differentiate Messages

A generic host piece can be utilized by affixing various messages based upon the target market. The same host piece can be run in larger quantities saving your client the cost of multiple pieces.

Allows Cross Selling Opportunity

While the host piece promotes one item, the affixed magnet also promote a complimentary product from the same client. This “two birds with one stone” approach saves your client the expense of two promotional programs and promotes loyalty to you.

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